Embedded Barcode Scanner Module

EM1730 Embedded 2d Barcode Scanner Module

  • Excellent scanning performance, ultra-thin design wide field of view.

  • The 4th generation I-SUBPIXEL algorithm easily and quickly scans various barcodes. 

  • High Motion tolerance, easy to read with fast movements.

  • White LED illumination, easy-read paper barcodes.

  • Various Interfaces: USB VCP, USB HID-KBW, USB HID-POS, TTL232.

  • Suitable for smart scenarios such as face payment terminals, smart homes, lockers, self-service inquiry terminal, queying and calling equipment and so on.

  • Support Linux, Android, Windows and other systems.


Embedded 2D Barcode Scanner Module – the ideal solution for efficient, cost-effective, and customizable barcode scanning applications. As a leading provider of technology solutions, we offer a range of options, including the Cheap 2D Barcode Scanner Module and OEM 2D Barcode Scanner Module, designed to meet diverse needs.

Embedded Barcode Scanner Module EM1730

This OEM 2D Barcode Scanner Module is designed to offer an affordable yet efficient option for a variety of applications, including GM QR Code scanning, book QR code scanning, location QR code scanning, and bulk QR code scanning. Compare prices.

ModelEM1730 Embedded 2d Barcode Scanner Module
Scan Code PerformanceImage Sensor640 x 480 CMOS , 30fps
PerspectiveHorizontal 74°, Vertical 58°
Reading angleRotation: 360°, Pitch: ±60°, Deflection: ±60°
Code system

2D: QR 、PDF417、DataMatrix (ECC200)、Aztec、Micro QR、Han Xin Code、Maxicode、

Micro PDF417、Code 16K

1D: EAN13、EAN8、UPC-A、UPC-E0、UPC-E1、Code128、Code39、Code93、CodaBar、

Interleaved 2 of 5、Industrial 2 of 5、Matrix 2 of 5、Code11、 MSI-Plessey、Standard 2 of 5、

Plessey、China Post、GS1 Databar  (RSS-Expand, RSS-Limited, RSS-14)

Classic depth of fieldWeChat payment code: 12~200mm     Refund code: 40~65mm
Reading accuracy1D : ≥5mil / 2D : ≥10mil
Sign contrast≥ 25%
Motion tolerance≥ 80cm/s (payment code)



Light sourceWhite LED ( 6500K )
Operating VoltageDC +3.3V ~ +5V (±5%)
Working current140mA@5V power supply
Weight< 15g
Physical dimension53.5mm x36mm x 16mm ( LxWxH )
Communication portUSB VCP / USB HID-KBW (Default) / USB HID-POS / TTL-232
NFC OptionalStandards compliantISO14443 TypeA /B , M1
Card reading distance0~4cm
Functionread sectors, read blocks
OutputDecimal forward or reverse output can be set, hexadecimal forward or reverse output can be set

Key Features of 2d Barcode Scanner Module:

Specifically designed to decode GM QR Codes, our module ensures accurate and swift scanning, making it an excellent fit for automotive and manufacturing industries.

Perfect for libraries, bookstores, and educational institutions, our module efficiently scans book QR codes, streamlining book inventory management processes.

Ideal for logistics and tracking applications, our module excels at scanning location-specific QR codes, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

With its ability to handle bulk scanning tasks, our module is well-suited for inventory management, reducing manual effort and improving accuracy.

Featuring automatic scanning capabilities, our module enhances workflow automation, making it a valuable asset in various industries.

Recognized for its reliability and performance, our module stands out as one of the best 2D barcode scanners in the market.

Boasting high-speed scanning capabilities, our module ensures swift and efficient data capture, saving valuable time in critical operations.

2d Barcode Scanner Module Applications:

· Book QR Code Scanner Online: Seamlessly integrate our module into online platforms for virtual book scanning, facilitating online library services.

· Medicine QR Code Scanner: Ensure pharmaceutical traceability and safety with our module's precise scanning of medicine QR codes, supporting compliance with industry standards.

To explore more applications click here.

Our embedded 2D barcode scanner modules are the epitome of efficiency, affordability and adaptability. They perform well in various industries such as healthcare and logistics. Choose our solutions for your barcode scanning needs and experience the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and cost-effectiveness.

EM1730 Embedded 2d Barcode Scanner Module


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