Wireless Barcode Scanner

SH413 Mini Wireless Barcode Scanner

  • Extreme lightweight, only 43g.

  • Stylish and compact design.

  • Supports light, vibration , and buzzer.

  • Using the latest 4-generation I-SUBPIXEL algorithm, the decoding speed is faster and the compatibility of smear code is stronger.

  • Using the latest BLE4.2, the ultimate optimized power consumption, communication distance of 80 meters in open environment.

  • Continuous working time >8 hours or 12,000 times.

  • Application scenarios: Code scanning application scenarios, such as supermarket retail, express logistics, warehouse inventory, assembly line, etc.

SH413 Mini Wireless Barcode Scanner


Scan Code 


640 X 480 CMOS@100fps
Light source
Red light fill LED / Laser LED aiming
Horizontal 32°, Vertical 24°
ReadCode system2D

2D: QRCode、MicroQR、Data Matrix、 PDF417、MicroPDF417、Aztec、Hanxin Code、Code16K、Maxicode Composite Code:GS1 Composite、 Code49


1D: Code128、Code39、EAN13、UPC-A,、ISBN13、EAN8、UPC-E0、UPC-E1、Code93、Interleaved 2 of 5、Industrial 2 of 5、Matrix 2 of 5、GS1 Databar、GS1 Databar Limited、GS1 Databar Panded、Codabar、MSI Plessey、Code11、Standard 2 of 5、Plessey、China Poat 2 of 5

Read Depth of fieldCode393 ~ 18cm (5mil)
PDF4175 ~ 10cm (5mil)
EAN134 ~ 55cm (20mil)
Code12820 ~ 210 mm (15mil)

Code395 ~ 80cm (20mil)
Reading angle
Rotation: 360°, Pitch: ±60°, Deflection: ±60°
Reading accuracy
1D ≥ 4mil / 2D ≥ 7.5mil 
Symbol contrast
Wireless PerformanceData transmission mode
Real-time mode/storage mode
Wireless standard
Bluetooth 4.2 
Transmission distance (open area)
≥ 80m
storage capacity
Article 20000 (13-digit barcode)
Battery capacity
Charging time
Continuous working time
≥12 hours (6 seconds/time)
Physics ParametersWeight
Appearance size
Line length
1 meter
Read tips
LED prompt, Vibration motor, Buzzer
Operating: 200mA (Bluetooth connection status) / Sleeping: 20uA

Wireless Barcode Scanner SH413


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