Barcode Access Control

AC8632 Touch key Barcode NFC Card Access Control Reader

  • Flexible, option relay, support alarm input door open input signal.

  • The 4th generation I-SUBPIXEL algorithm of intelligent access control card readers, efficient and sensitive, high decoding capability.

  • Wall-mounted slim design for easy installation.

  • Barcode Access Control System supports customized software according to customers’ requirements.

  • Various interface is available Wiegand, RS232, RS485, USB, and Ethernet.

  • Uniform lighting design, a comfortable visual experience.

  • Barcode Door Access System is suitable for such as controlling wing gates, apartments, control of the elevator, communities, offices, clubs, factories, schools and so on.


Our Barcode Access Control System is designed to simplify access management while enhancing security measures. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive barcode scanning capabilities, authorized users can swiftly gain entry, eliminating the need for traditional keys or access cards. This not only streamlines the access process but also minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.

Barcode Access Control System Technical Parameter:

Barcode Door Access System

Morphology InterfaceDimensions86mm*103mm*20mm
MaterialPC+ armored glass
VoltageDC 12V(5V-30V)  
Current<160mA  12V

Scan code Performance

Image Sensor640 x 480 CMOS,30fps
View AngleHorizontal 63°, Vertical51°
Scan AngleRotation: 360°, Pitch: ±60°, Deflection: ±50°
Support Code

On by default:EAN13、EAN8、UPC-A、UPC-E0、UPC-E1、Code128、Code39、Code93、CodaBar、QR Code、PDF417、DataMatrix

Off by default:Interleaved 2 of 5、Industrial 25、Matrix 2 of 5、Code11、MSI Plessey 、RSS-14、RSS-Limited、RSS-Expanded

Reading Distance30-230mm(6-inch mobile phone, wechat QR payment code)
Resolution1D:≥5mil / 2D:≥10mil 
Symbol Contrast≥ 25%
Recognition ModeActive/passive, with support for induction mode
Scan Code Feedback BeepBeeping; the light indicates scanning code
Support CardISO14443A / B, support ID card physical ID, NFC mobile phone, Mifarecard
Environmental ParametersOperating Temperature-20℃ ~ 60℃
Operating Humidity5%RH~95%RH(Non-condensing)
Storage Temperature-40℃ ~ 80℃
Ambient Lighting0-80000Lux
Static ProtectionContact discharge ± 6KV and air discharge ± 12KV
IP ProtectionFront IP54

The Barcode Door Access System is a versatile and sophisticated solution that brings efficiency and security to the forefront of your access control strategy. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of barcode technology, this system offers a seamless and streamlined approach to managing entry points in various settings.

Barcode Door Access System Uses

Corporate Environments: Elevate the security of your office premises by implementing the Barcode Door Access System. Grant authorized employees easy and secure access, while maintaining a comprehensive record of their movements for accountability.

Educational Institutions: Enhance safety on campus with the Barcode Door Access System. Restrict access to sensitive areas and ensure only authorized individuals, such as faculty and staff, can enter designated spaces.

Healthcare Facilities: Safeguard patient privacy and confidential areas within healthcare facilities. The Barcode Door Access System ensures that only authorized medical personnel can access restricted zones, contributing to HIPAA compliance and patient data protection.

Hospitality Industry: Streamline guest check-in processes in hotels and resorts with the Barcode Door Access System. Provide guests with personalized barcode credentials for secure and convenient access to their accommodations.

Industrial Sites: Manage access to restricted areas within industrial complexes, factories, and warehouses. The Barcode Door Access System helps prevent unauthorized entry and enhances overall site security.

Residential Communities: Elevate the security of gated communities and residential complexes. Residents can enjoy seamless entry through personalized barcode credentials, ensuring only authorized individuals gain access.

Public Venues: Efficiently manage crowd control and access at events, concerts, and exhibitions. The Barcode Door Access System facilitates quick and secure entry for attendees while maintaining crowd safety.

Research Facilities: Safeguard laboratories and research spaces by implementing the Barcode Door Access System. Ensure that only authorized researchers can access sensitive equipment and experiments.

Barcode Door Access System

Key features of our Barcode Access Control System include:

Effortless Authentication: The system's barcode scanning technology offers quick and accurate authentication, allowing authorized personnel to enter with ease.

Customizable Access Levels: Tailor access permissions according to different user roles, ensuring that individuals only access the areas relevant to their responsibilities.

Real-time Monitoring: Keep track of entry and exit logs in real-time, enabling you to maintain a comprehensive record of personnel movement.

Enhanced Security: Our Barcode Access Control System enhances security by preventing unauthorized access and deterring potential intruders.

Seamless Integration: Easily integrate the Barcode Door Access System into your existing infrastructure, creating a smooth transition to modern access control.

◆User-Friendly Interface: Both administrators and users will appreciate the intuitive interface, making the system easy to manage and navigate.

Upgrade your access control strategy with our Barcode Access Control System and experience the future of secure entry management. Enhance security, streamline operations, and empower your organization with a solution that combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled convenience. Embrace the future of access control – choose our Barcode Access Control System today.

Barcode Door Access System


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