Wireless Barcode Scanner

SH9130 Bluetooth 2.4 Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner

  • Intelligent wireless transmission 2.4G/Bluetooth.

  • Transmission distance 100 Meters, working last 12 hours.

  • Connecting the cable directly becomes a wired device and automatically charges the device.

  • The manual mode and inductional mode can be switched automatically with the stand.

  • Support scan code buzzer feedback and vibration feedback.

  • Advanced image recognition algorithm with wide-angle optical lens, longer recognition range, easy and high-speed reading of various barcodes.

  • 6500K LED white lighting source, lighting can be customized according to requirements.

  • Bar code minimum identification density--4mil.

  • Applicable to restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, governments and other intelligent scenarios.

  • Support Linux, Android, Windows and Mac OS systems.

SH9130 Bluetooth 2.4 Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner


The SH9130 Rugged Wireless Barcode Scanner is the epitome of versatility and reliability. With its ergonomic design and wireless connectivity, it offers freedom of movement and flexibility, allowing operators to scan barcodes with ease. The Bluetooth 2.4 technology ensures a stable and secure connection, enabling seamless data transmission to the host device, whether it's a computer, tablet, or kiosk.

Kiosk Barcode Reader

Kiosk Barcode Reader Technical Parameter

Scan Code 


640 X 480 CMOS@30fps
Light source
Fill Light: White 6500K LED / Aiming Light: Red LED
Horizontal 32°, Vertical 24°
ReadCode system2D

QR Code、PDF417、DataMatrix (ECC200)、Micro QR 、Hanxin Code、Micro PDF417、Maxi Code、Aztec、Code 16K


EAN13、EAN8、UPC-A、UPC-E0、UPC-E1、Code128、Code39、Code93、CodaBar、Interleaved 2 of 5、Industrial 2 of 5、Matrix 2 of 5、Code11、MSI-Plessey、Standard 2 of 5、 Plessey、China Post、GS1 Databar (RSS-Expand, RSS-Limited, RSS-14)

Read Depth of fieldCode3940 ~ 105mm (5mil)
EAN1340 ~ 280 mm (13mil)
CODE12845 ~ 370 mm (15mil)
QR20 ~ 210 mm (15mil)
Reading angle
Rotation: 360°, Pitch: ±60°, Deflection: ±60°
Reading mode
Manual mode, continuous mode, sensing mode, command trigger mode
Reading accuracy
1D ≥ 4mil / 2D ≥10mil
Symbol contrast
Wireless PerformanceData transmission mode
Real-time mode/storage mode
Wireless standard
Bluetooth 4.2 / 2.4G
Transmission distance (open area)
≥80 m (Bluetooth)     ≥80 m (2.4G)
storage capacity
Article 20000 (13-digit barcode)
Battery capacity
Charging time
≤4.5 hours 5V/500mA≤ 3 hours 5V/1A
Maximum current
Operating current
70mA(2.4G connection status)
Sleep current
Continuous working time
≥12 hours (6 seconds/time)
Physics ParametersWeight
Appearance size
138.18mm x 101.51mm x 63mm
Line length
1 meter
Read tips
LED tips, vibration motors and buzzers
Charging voltage
DC+5V ±5%
Operating current
Environment ParametersOperating temperature
-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Storage temperature
-40 ℃ ~ 70 ℃
Working humidity
5% RH ~ 95% RH (no condensation)

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The SH9130 excels as a kiosk barcode reader, providing a user-friendly and efficient scanning solution. It seamlessly integrates with self-service kiosks, enabling quick and accurate barcode scanning for ticketing, product information retrieval, event registration, and more. Its rugged design ensures durability, even in high-traffic kiosk environments, making it a reliable choice for self-service applications.

Kiosk Barcode Reader


The rugged wireless barcode scanner SH9130 is a versatile solution designed to excel in various demanding environments. Its robust construction and advanced scanning technology make it an ideal choice for industries such as warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and retail. Whether it's scanning barcodes on packages, managing inventory, or facilitating self-service kiosk applications, the SH9130 Kiosk Barcode Reader is a reliable companion that streamlines operations and enhances productivity.

Rugged Wireless Barcode Scanner

Key Features of the SH9130 Kiosk Barcode Reader:

Rugged Construction: Designed to withstand harsh environments, the SH9130 is built to be durable and reliable, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Wireless Freedom: The Bluetooth 2.4 connectivity offers wireless freedom, enabling operators to move around without the constraints of cables.

Fast and Accurate Scanning: Equipped with advanced scanning technology, the SH9130 delivers swift and accurate barcode scanning, minimizing errors and increasing efficiency.

Versatile Applications: From warehouse inventory management to retail point-of-sale operations and self-service kiosks, the SH9130 adapts to various scanning needs with ease.

Rugged Wireless Barcode Scanner

Maintenance of Kiosk Barcode Reader:

Built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, the rugged wireless barcode scanner SH9130 requires minimal maintenance to keep it in optimal working condition. It's durable housing and high-quality components ensure longevity even in challenging environments. Regular cleaning and occasional firmware updates are recommended to maintain peak performance. With its user-friendly design, maintenance tasks can be performed effortlessly, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

The SH9130 Bluetooth 2.4 Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner is your go-to solution for demanding scanning applications. Its ruggedness, wireless capabilities, and versatile functionality make it an invaluable asset in improving productivity, accuracy, and customer satisfaction.

Experience the power of the SH9130 and unlock the potential of efficient and reliable barcode scanning. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about the SH9130 and how it can elevate your scanning operations. Trust in the reliability of the SH9130 for all your scanning needs, and enjoy the benefits of enhanced efficiency and exceptional performance.

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