Automated Scanning

In today's retail world, especially the check-out process has developed to be more and more autonomous. With customers being more and more demanding, inquiring about speedy check-outs and high-level services, we are trying different solutions to help our customers avoid queues and free time for their personnel. Our automated scanning solutions will help our customers reach a high level of customer satisfaction according to their store format and customers' culture. We have rich experiences with custom solutions with the support of the R&D team. With professional services, we will offer you one of the most reliable and competitive solutions for your stores.


The benefits of automated scanning solutions: 

● Higher service levels

Thanks to the fact that the system works unmanned, it helps to free time for your personnel. Thus, your employees have more time to assist customers during peak hours and make sure that they leave your store with a positive shopping experience.

● Reduce loss and check-out shrink

As all shopping items are placed on the belt and then read automatically as they pass through the arches, the risk of losses and shrink is reduced. With the automatic reading, losses caused by sweethearting, or administrative errors when handling items are prevented, and the check-out process is more secure.

Automated Scanning

Automated Scanning and Barcode Scanner Relationship:

Automated scanning refers to the use of technology to automatically capture and process data from various sources without manual intervention. In this context, a Barcode Scanner is a specific tool or device used within automated scanning systems to read and decode barcodes.

Services Offered by Wavecreating Micro Intelligent:

Wavecreating Micro Intelligent provides a comprehensive range of services centered around automated scanning, with a focus on efficiency and precision. 

Product CategoryDescriptionApplications
Barcode Scanner EngineCore component for integration into various devices and systems, ensuring efficient and accurate barcode scanning.Embedded into kiosks, mobile devices, and automated systems for inventory management, logistics, and point-of-sale applications.
Handheld Barcode ScannerVersatile and ergonomic devices designed for mobility in scanning operations, suitable for various applications.Inventory tracking, retail sales, field services, and logistics where on-the-go scanning and flexibility are essential.
Desktop Barcode ScannerStationary and efficient scanning solution, ideal for point-of-sale systems, office environments, and manufacturing.Retail checkout, office document management, manufacturing quality control, and library inventory management.
Omni-directional Barcode ScannerOffers 360-degree scanning capability, perfect for high-traffic environments like retail checkout counters.Retail point-of-sale, supermarket checkout, self-service kiosks, and any application requiring rapid and comprehensive barcode scanning.
Barcode Access ControlProvides secure access management for physical spaces or digital systems through the integration of barcode scanning.Building entrances, secure facilities, event access control, and digital platforms requiring secure user authentication.

These products collectively showcase our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the field of barcode scanning technology. Whether you need a handheld device for on-the-go scanning, a stationary solution for fixed points, or an omnidirectional scanner for rapid and comprehensive data capture, our product line is designed to meet diverse business needs. Additionally, our Barcode Access Control solutions offer a sophisticated approach to security, leveraging the power of barcode technology for access management. Contact us today!

● Barcode Scanning Solutions:

Wavecreating Micro Intelligent specializes in the development and implementation of advanced Barcode Scanner solutions. These scanners are designed to quickly and accurately read barcodes, facilitating the automation of data entry and tracking processes.

● Integration of Automated Scanning Systems:

WCMI excels in integrating automated scanning systems into various business processes. Whether it's inventory management, logistics, or point-of-sale operations, Wavecreating Micro Intelligent ensures seamless integration of barcode scanning technology for enhanced efficiency.

● Customized Automation Solutions:

Recognizing that different industries and businesses have unique needs, Wavecreating Micro Intelligent offers customized automation solutions. This includes tailoring automated scanning systems to specific workflows, and optimizing processes for maximum productivity. Contact us for details on customization.

● Data Analytics and Insights:

Beyond just scanning, Wavecreating Micro Intelligent provides services for analyzing the data collected through automated scanning. This involves extracting valuable insights from the scanned information, helping businesses make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

● Quality Control and Assurance:

Wavecreating Micro Intelligent's services include implementing measures to ensure the accuracy and reliability of scanned data, reducing errors and improving overall data quality.

● Training and Support:

Wavecreating Micro Intelligent goes beyond implementation by offering comprehensive training and support services. This ensures that businesses utilizing their automated scanning solutions have the necessary knowledge and assistance to maximize the benefits of the technology.

In conclusion, Wavecreating Micro Intelligent is a leading provider of services in the realm of automated scanning, with a specialized focus on barcode scanning solutions. Our offerings span from developing custom automated systems to integrating these technologies seamlessly into diverse business processes, all aimed at enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and overall operational excellence.

Automated Scanning

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