Barcode Access Control

AC8630 Barcode NFC Card Access Control Reader

  • The 4th generation I-SUBPIXEL algorithm of intelligent access control card readers, efficient and sensitive, high decoding capability.

  • Wall-mounted slim desigh for easy installation.

  • Access Control Barcode Scanner supports customized software according to customer’s requirements.

  • Various interface is available wiegand, RS232, RS485,  Ethernet.

  • Uniform lighting design, comfortable visual experience.

  • Suitable for such as control wing gate, apartmen, control of the elevator, commuity, office, club, factory, school and so on.

Access Control Barcode Scanner


Barcode Access Control System for Businesses-Barcode Door Entry Systems are relatively straightforward, and they’re used in many industries. Many office buildings use them for employees, and you may have also encountered them in public places, such as a gym, public transportation, or on a college campus. 

Access Control Barcode Scanner Size(mm):

Access Control Barcode Scanner

Access Control Barcode Scanner Technical Parameters:



Morphology interface




PC+ armoured glass




DC 12V(5V-30V)  


<160mA  12V



Code scanning performance

Image Sensor

640 x 480 CMOS,30fps

View Angle

Horizontal 63°, Vertical51°

Scan Angle

Roll:360°, Pitch:±60°, Skew:±50°

Support Code

On by default:EAN13、EAN8、UPC-A、UPC-E0、UPC-E1、Code128、 Code39、Code93、CodaBar、QR Code、PDF417、DataMatrix

Off by default:Interleaved 2 of 5、Industrial 25、Matrix 2 of 5、Code11、 MSI Plessey 、RSS-14、RSS-Limited、RSS-Expanded

Reading Distance

30-230mm(6-inch mobile phone, wechat QR payment code)


1D:≥5mil / 2D:≥10mil 

Symbol Contrast

≥ 25%

Recognition Mode

Active/passive, with support for induction mode

Scan Code Feedback Beep

Beeping; the light indicates scanning code

Support Card

ISO14443A / B, support ID card physical ID, NFC mobile phone, Mifare


Environmental parameters

Operating Temperature

-20℃ ~ 60℃

Operating Humidity


Storage Temperature

-40℃ ~ 80℃

Ambient Lighting


Static Protection

Contact discharge ± 6KV and air discharge ± 12KV

IP Protection

Front IP54

Access Control Barcode Scanner

What is a Barcode Door Entry System?  

A Barcode Door Entry System is a relatively simple system that’s easy to implement on a wide scale. It requires employees or authorized personnel to present a barcode to gain access to the facility. 

In addition to scanning barcodes, a similar form of access control scans QR codes as well. These both work in the same way; the person attempting to gain access swipes their code or displays it in front of a reader to gain access. 

How Does a Barcode Door Entry System Work? 

Barcode Door Entry System works through a simple process. Barcode readers scan barcodes, which can be on paper, phones, devices, key tags, id cards, or badges, for example. 

Access can be granted via automatic or manual readers. With automatic readers, you’ll need to install scanners at each entrance where you want to control access. Many companies and businesses that require patrons to gain access using automatic readers so employees or patrons can access the facility at any time. For example, an employee can swipe into work in the morning, and they can also swipe in at 9 pm when they realize they left their wallet at their desk. Similarly, patrons at a 24/7 gym can show up to work out at 3 am without requiring an employee to let them in. 

With manual readers, you’ll need to station an employee with a handheld scanner at each entrance where you want to control access. This is typically used in workplaces where security is more important. You might also see manual readers with stationed employees at events that require barcode access, such as a concert or sporting event. 

When somebody attempts to gain access, they’ll swipe their barcode in the scanner. The scanner is connected to the access control system and sends the information from the swipe to the system. 

The access controls system records the unique ID that attempted access along with the date and time. Barcode Door Entry System also grants or denies access. If access is granted, the system will unlock the door or complete whatever action is needed for the person to gain entry. 

Pros of Barcode Door Entry System 

Barcode systems provide an opportunity to keep tabs on traffic. Because the Access Control Barcode Scanner logs who is accessing the area and when you can see the busy or slow times. You can also keep track of any access attempts that were denied. The Barcode Door Entry System keeps tabs on when each person was granted access as well, which is helpful if you need to investigate an incident. Access Control Barcode Scanner can help you narrow down who was likely in the building at the time the incident occurred. 

Barcodes can also be duplicated and are non-proprietary. This makes it simple to customize the system, create new codes, and keep the access control system running smoothly. A common way to use barcode access control is for entrance to concerts or special events. It’s easy to create a one-time barcode for somebody to print or display on their phone. All they need to do is scan their code to gain entry to the event. 

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Barcode Door Entry System


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