Our handheld barcode scanner and desktop barcode scanner platform had been widely used in Healthcare. As accessories of medical devices, they are input to medical devices with scanning codes, so that medical devices can understand patient information and achieve the purpose of distinguishing others and recording test results. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities rely on barcode scanner to ensure the best and safest care possible is given to patients. When a patient is first admitted their unique patient number is printed on a wrist band and verified using bar code scanners. Bar codes help prevent medication errors, laboratory errors, and procedural error that may arise for a patient, laboratory sample, or medication by providing safe and reliable identification.

Besides, POS Check-out at retail pharmacies requires a careful optimization of the space on the counter to dedicate the best possible space for sellable items. For this reason, it is important that barcode scanning solutions have a small footprint and the most efficient scanning capability. 


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